Member Benefits

Targeted promotions

Aside from promoting the member business as a whole, the Chamber is in a particularly unique position to also promote every product and service offered by its members. Because of this unique position, your Chamber has included a rather valuable benefit called DisplayedRight© which provides for a rapid way to post and manage each product and service online.  This is a full featured system for card holders to use for their top 10 products or services.

A rather nice MOBILE WEB APP (starter edition*) is also included with your DisplayedRight© system.

*Expanded support and services may be available through ChamberSquad©.

more qualified traffic

Each of our chamber members gets a local advertising page on our website. This page is tightly integrated into the Chamber Search Engine© and your own social networks. Designed to drive more qualified traffic from the Chamber's high search engine ranking to your business. 


Our customers know that their members must advertise online to be successful going forward. They also know that their members simply don't have a lot of spare time.

For this reason, your Chamber Membership Card includes outstanding Chamber Nation support to be sure you get the very most out of your membership.