Considering Relocation?
Leadville and Twin Lakes are mountain communities whose people treasure their quality of life. Over 75% of Lake County is public land offering a wide variety of year-round outdoor recreation. While both communities are rural in nature, Leadville offers the most services including... antique and gift shops, grocery stores, gas stations, hospital and medical services, schools and colleges, etc. Access to Interstate 70 is 24 miles north of Leadville, with Vail and Breckenridge only a 45 minute drive. Buena Vista is 38 miles to the south

Tourism is a major contributor to the local economy, however, the area strives to maintain its "real town" atmosphere. The city has not been redesigned to be a glitzy tourist area, and visitors and newcomers are welcome. You can be as involved or as alone as you wish.

There are many reasons to consider when thinking of relocating. We have chosen just a few of the more common ones.


Everyone thinks that living in a mountain community with snow on the ground for eight to nine months must be difficult. Truth is, it’s different but not difficult. The Leadville area sees about 310 days of sunshine each year. Snow does come early--generally on the ground to stay by October 31 and doesn’t completely leave until early to mid-May--totaling about 250 inches each season. Much of the snowfall occurs in the evening hours giving way to beautiful mornings!

Summer is gorgeous with the peak wildflower season occurring around the 4th of July. Summer temperatures seldom reach 80 degrees and very few buildings have any type of air conditioning! Starting in early September, the Aspen trees start turning many shades of gold, and reach their peak toward the end of the month....September and October are two of the prettiest months in the area. Our mountain air is always fresh and crisp--no pollution of any type here!

No, the town does not get snowed in. In fact, a large part of our workforce drives “over the mountain” to either Vail, Breckenridge or Copper Mountain to work each day. Therefore, our roads are exceptionally well-maintained year-round.

A Great Place to Conduct Commerce

Businesses start in, or relocate to, the area because of the quality of life available here. Most businesses are small and owner-operated. The area is ideal for telecommuters who desire the slower pace of a smaller community.
Thinking about relocating your business? Starting business in Lake County? Or just need more information on how to grow your business or strengthen your business? Please click on the link to the left to visit the Lake COunty Economic Development Corp. 

Educational Opportunities

Lake County School District is the K-12 system operating and elementary school (grades 1-3) and Middle School (grades 4-8) and a High School (grades 9-12).The Center is the nationally recognized family center meeting the needs of Pre-kindergarten, Head Start, and Before/After School children.

Colorado Mountain College, a nine-county community college district, has a residential campus in Leadville offering internationally recognized programming in Ski Area Operations, Environmental Tech, Computers, Outdoor Recreation, Leadership, and Outdoor Semester in the Rockies.

The High Mountain Institute offers a “Rocky Mountain Semester” for high school juniors seeking personal and community growth through interaction with the natural world.

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